Our Flowers

Photo Plant Season Colors
Cornus (dogwood twig) late October to mid March
Corylus a. Contorta early January to late December yellow
No picture yet. Crabapple mid April to late April
Eremurus early June to mid June orange, pink, white and yellow
Flowering Quince, Japonica early April to mid April red, creamy orange
Hydrangea marcrophylla mid June to late October pink to blue
Hydrangea paniculata early June to late October
Ilex winterberry mid October to late December
Oaks mid October to mid November
Peony mid May to late June pink, red, white and yellow
Pussy Willow mid December to mid April sliver
No picture yet. Viburnum Dawn mid to mid
Viburnum Pink Snowball mid May to late May green to pink to white
Viburnum Snowball early May to mid May lime green before white
Witch Hazel mid January to late March